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Month 1 to 3

Technical - Frontend Fundamentals

    Basics of Computers and Operating Systems
    Internet fundamentals and how the internet works
    Terminal Commands
    Coding Standard Principles
    Front End, Back End, and Middleware - An Overview
    HTML Introduction
    CSS Basics
    Responsive Design with CSS
    Design Introduction
    Essential JavaScript Concepts

Business Skills / Soft Skills

    GSuite Fundamentals
    WordPress Basics
    Communication and Values Workshop
    Soft Skills Development: Personality Enhancement,Task/Time Management,Effective Feedback
    LinkedIn/GitHub - Portfolio Building
Month 4 to 6

Technical - Frontend Advanced Concepts

    Intermediate JavaScript Concepts
    DOM Manipulation and Web Components
    Version Control Systems (Git) - Introduction
    Advanced JavaScript Concepts
    API and OOPS in Javascript
    UI/UX Principles
    Introduction to Database Management Systems (DBMS)

Business Skills / Soft Skills

    Toastmasters Session - Public Speaking and Leaderships
    Read Out Loud - Book Reading Club
    Learn From The Best - Insights from Inspiring People
    Podcast Discussions Club
    LinkedIn Networking
Month 7 to 9

Technical - Database and Backend Basics

    Advanced MySQL and Database Design
    Frontend Mini-Projects with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    Version Control Systems (Git) - Advanced
    Backend Development - Introduction to PHP
    Unit Testing and Importance of Quality Assurance

Business Skills / Soft Skills

    Travel Opportunities: Workshops, Sessions and Conferences
    Design Thinking Workshop for Research Project
    Toastmasters Session - Interclub Meetings and Contest
    Leadership Development Sessions
Month 10 to 12

Technical - Full Stack Development

    Advanced PHP and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
    MVC Concepts
    Postman API Integrations
    Frontend and Backend Integration Techniques
    Basics of Deployment and Hosting
    Full-Stack Research Project

Business Skills / Soft Skills

    Project Presentation and Documentation Workshop
    Resume and Portfolio Building
    Project Management Workshop
Month 13 to 18


    Domain-based Frameworks and Technology Stacks
    Working with DCKAP Internal teams on Live Projects

Business Skills / Soft Skills

    Remote Work Enablement Workshop
    Live Client Meetings and Team Meetings